Finding a Motivated Sales Force

Finding a Motivated Sales Force: February 15th Profile

I wanted to give you one more chance to register for this week’s Product Profile.

This week’s profile is about a company about a demonstrationconcept pulling ungodly numbers… ($30K – $42K per cart in their 30 corporate locations last month.)

Sometimes folks are afraid to go with a demonstration product for fear that it will be hard to find good sales people.

This company has a proven system for finding motivated sales people that is so powerful it’s going to be the subject of a paid tele-seminar later this year. 

It’s one of the big reasons they and their distributors are able to generate the big sales numbers.

You can get the low-down on it if you register for this week’s product profile.  You’ll get detailed information via email, you’ll also get a summary of an interview I did with one of the founders. 

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Staggering Sales Numbers

Staggering Sales Numbers: February 15th Profile

This week’s profile regards a year-round demonstration concept that is doing staggering sales numbers.  Read on.

Before these two partners started this concept four years ago, they’d operated mall carts for five years. And sold a number of products. With a lot of success.

Still, they were shocked by the numbers this product generated right from the outset.

When the sales kept going, they realized it wasn’t a fluke. And decided to focus all their efforts onto this product line.

They put a lot of energy into developing a high-quality product line, and training their distributors to succeed with it. And it’s paid off.

In the last four years, they’ve grown to thirty corporate locations, and over ninety distributor locations in North America and the UK.

This is a year-round, demonstration concept. And the sales numbers they are pulling are staggering.

Their thirty corporate carts generated between $30K and $42K last month… in January! That’s a typical non-holiday
month for their carts.

And their ninety plus distributor locations do same or similar numbers.

During the holidays, they had one location that did almost $200K… although more typical is right around $100K.

This is a product that sells primarily to women, although you don’t have to be a woman to sell it. 

As one of the partners put it, ‘… if a woman uses this product, she’ll starve before she goes without it.’

And a ton of them use it… as you’ll discover when you register for this profile.

Here are just a few more key points about the concept:

– The average customer spends between $120 and $180 per transaction!

– Forty percent of their customers are repeat customers that return and buy again!

– Sales at remote, or out-of-the way malls do as well or better than the big city locations.

Would you like more information on this concept?

I will be interviewing one of the partners about their concept Thursday, February 15th at 7pm CST.

It’s like a f-r-e-e tele-seminar.  Call in and listen. And

Click here to register, and get more information about this concept, and a complete summary of the interview:

You’ll get more detailed information on the concept.

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to listen in on Thursday, but you’d still like the info… feel free to register.

I’ll send out a summary of the call via email after it is completed. 

Once again, for more info on this concept,  register here:


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The ‘Holy Grail’: February 8th Profile

I wanted to give you one more chance to register before this week’s Product Profile interview call.

If you have been receiving my Kiosk Expert Newsletter for any length of time, you’ll recognize the difference between demonstration oriented products and static products.

Demonstration carts can be very profitable. However, they can also take a lot of effort to run properly.

If it’s a static type concept that interests you… you will definitely want register to get more information on this cart concept. 

Those looking for a static product might very well consider this a ‘holy grail’ of cart concepts:

It’s a static concept; it’s year-round; and you don’t have to switch out for Xmas.

Would you like more information on this concept?
I interviewed the two brothers that started this concept on February 8th at 7pm CST.  

Click here and register to get more information about this concept:

One other thing… yesterday I spoke with one of the brothers who own the business to confirm the time of the call.

I had asked him if they could offer some sort of ‘start-up’ special to anyone who goes on to open a cart.

He told me they’ll offer a small discount off the wholesale product cost.

I assumed the discount would apply only on the first order. ‘$250 savings. Thanks. Sounds good.’

He replied, ‘No, the discount is permanent…’ for anyone who registers. That sounded amazing. I was momentarily stunned.
After we got off the line, I did some quick calculations. That ‘small’ discount would result in a savings of about $5000 per year, per cart… off the wholesale product costs for an average mall!

Sounds good, indeed!

Click here to register for more information:


Brady Flower
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Fresh Twist on an Old Standby

Fresh Twist on an Old Standby: February 8th Profile

This week’s profile regards a year-round static concept that offers a fresh twist to an old standby. Here goes…

When these two brothers were ready to start their first cart business, it took them FIVE months to get a mall to give them a shot.
Their concept was a new twist on an old standby, and all the leasing managers could see was the old idea.
They persevered, and finally got their shot.  And within just few months, every leasing manager in the area was begging them to open at their mall.
In the last two and half years, they’ve grown to twenty eight corporate locations and over a hundred distributors locations in North America.
This is a year-round, static concept.  No demonstration needed on this one.
Their carts average $12K to $20K per month in sales from January to October, and $60K to $120K during the holidays.
(And quite a bit more if you’re in tourist location like Vegas or the Mall of America.)
They’ve brought a fresh look to an old product, and are poised to take place beside sunglasses and cell phone accessories and have a location in every mall in North America within the next two years.
If one of these carts isn’t open in your mall yet, consider yourself lucky, as you now have first crack at this profitable year-round cart concept.
Would you like more information on this concept?
Register for more detailed information on this concept at the following link:
You’ll immediately receive more detailed information on the concept, and a breakdown about what makes this concept a special opportunity.

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